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Opening a new paradigm in contract drug discovery


What We Do

Cepter Biopartners provides services essential during the initial phases of drug discovery. These include molecular biology, protein biochemistry and assay development to support chemical library screening, hit validation, lead optimization and mechanism of action studies. All projects are guided by respected experts in the field, supporting and advancing our clients’ drug discovery efforts.



Cepter Biopartners has become one of the leading companies for US-based on-shore contract research with vast biotech and big pharma experience in gene to screen to lead optimization drug discovery.  Clients can depend on Cepter not only to provide laboratory experience but also strategic planning for projects.  Cepter Biopartners are not merely “hands” but also true associates in the projects they are commissioned to perform.


Differentiating Cepter from off-shore and US-based on-shore CROs is the ability of its clients to tap into the huge knowledge base of Cepter’s leadership team who have accumulated years of big pharma experience at the US global headquarters of Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.  


Cepter provides a comprehensive portfolio of molecular biology, protein biochemistry, novel assay development, compound library screening, hit to lead and lead optimization services allowing for the rapid progression of your discovery project from target identification to lead identification.


Who We Are

Cepter Biopartners was initially envisioned by its leadership team, Alvin Stern, Ueli Gubler and Kuo-Sen Huang, who then co-founded the company along with a dedicated team of highly knowledgeable, experienced and passionate scientists who together made it their mission to provide the highest quality and innovative drug discovery services to researchers worldwide.



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